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How To Clean Your Butt The Right Way

All things considered, I would rather not burst your air pocket yet something like one (on the off chance that not two) of those things is erroneous. You’ve been cleaning your butt ALL Wrong. Before your cerebrum detonates just relax, we’re here to tell you the best way to clean your butt the correct way […]

Why Bidets Are Better Than Using Just Toilet Paper

With poop at one end and water at the other, people use bidets to clean themselves in a way that mimics how they naturally would if they were walking barefoot on a park or yard. The same can be said of using napkins on your desk to clean up some of the piles you’ve made. […]

Some information about Bidet Attachment

Whenever the COVID-19 pandemic hit and a tissue deficiency followed, I chose, as did numerous others, to take the plunge(r) and get probably the best bidet I could find. After much examination, I bought a Tushy Spa, which doesn’t utilize power and incorporates temperature control (read “warm water”) and a customizable spout for hitting every […]

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