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How to Clean Your Bidet (and Keep It Clean)

A bidet does an excellent job at cleaning your behind after you finish your business.

How you can show your wholesome support?

It’s easy to clean a bidet like a toilet – just follow your normal routine for bathroom cleaning! A bidet will only add about a minute or two on top of your regular routine.

There are several parts to keep track of when cleaning your own bidet. You need to be sure you wash behind the nozzle, can’t forget about the strainer, and remember to wipe down the splash guard set in front of it as well.

This is why our bidet attachments use a jet of water that is kept separate from the toilet, sending water down into the bottom of the toilet without splashing anything on it.

It’s always a good practice, though, to keep your printer well maintained. Keeping it clean can help ensure a healthy, functioning piece of office equipment while also enhancing its aesthetics.

Bidet Cleaner Supplies

You don’t need any specific products to clean your bidet, but avoid using toilet bowl cleaner or harsh chemicals because those could damage your bidet.

Begin by cleaning the toilet with natural cleaners and light chemicals like Mrs. Meyers and Seventh Generation products to remove the evidence of your toilet visits.

Keeping the nozzle and the bidet seat free from dirt is easy for us to do. We can lightly pinch and polish the nozzle with our fingers and a rag to remove any excess soap residue.

Use a soft-bristle toothbrush as your bidet nozzle cleaner. After brushing, wipe down the nozzle with a disinfecting wipe. Sanitize the toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide for optimum cleaning power.

How to Clean a Bidet

However, in terms of cleaning, all three are basically the same. In some cases, the bidet toilet or bidet toilet seat automatically cleans itself, while in others you can use a bidet attachment attached to the toilet.

Clean an Electric Bidet

Many bidet toilet seats and all-in-one bidet toilets run on electricity, so be sure you have realized this before attempting to clean them. Follow these steps:

Unplug your bidet before cleaning the nozzle.

Expel the waste by cleaning the bidet seat. Remember not to use harsh chemicals on the bidet seat (or the nozzle) or your bidet as this could scratch or otherwise damage it. Rinsing with hot water and a cloth will typically remove any leftovers, never spray bathroom cleaner directly on the nozzle or bidet seat as that could hit the nozzle.

The posterior wash nozzle is located below the seat on the front of your toilet. With three seconds of holding this button, the red nozzle protrudes just enough to scrub and dry with a brush or paper towel. You then press and hold once again to push back into the unit.

It is important to wipe down the remote control of your electric bidet.

Cleaning a Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Attachment

For those that don’t know the difference between a bidet and an attachment, a bidet is an affordable option for your toilet. It can be placed next to your existing toilet seat and does not need electricity.

One of the best things you can do for your bidet is to wash its nozzle as part of your normal toilet cleaning routine. Just like any other part on a bidet toilet seat, the nozzle is open more often than not and needs to be kept clean. Bacteria can quickly build up around its surface and cause health issues. It’s also a good idea to wipe down the splash guard since it’s always exposed to water and won’t retreat back into its compartment the way that an electric-powered bidet does.

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