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How To Clean Your Butt The Right Way

All things considered, I would rather not burst your air pocket yet something like one (on the off chance that not two) of those things is erroneous. You’ve been cleaning your butt ALL Wrong. Before your cerebrum detonates just relax, we’re here to tell you the best way to clean your butt the correct way and keep a solid and cheerful b-hole.

Anal Hygiene Basics

As an intelligent species, we’ve come up with many creative ways to take care of our buttholes. Some of these scare the hell out of me, such as using toilet tissue as our main method of butt hygiene. And believe it or not, some people have trouble keeping their chocolate starfish healthy doing that.

Whether it’s because of poor wiping habits or something else, people who were not wiped properly and with the appropriate amount of care can experience a painful consequence: perianal dermatitis. That is why it’s so important that you always take the time to wash your butt every day and dry yourself very well after having a bowel movement.

Altogether, the use of wet wipes has been linked to allergic reactions and the sources of this include methylisothiazolinone, a preservative used in store-sold products to inhibit bacterial growth.

Many products that are not made with chemicals can still cause inflammation and other problems like rectal fissures. It is best to avoid products with chemical components when caring for your anal.

How to Properly Wipe Your Butt

There really is no proper way to “wipe” your butt but if you have to, make sure you’re doing it in a way that doesn’t harm the rest of your body and keeps the poop away from your vaginal canal and prevents urinary tract infections.

The debate also seems to stem from ergonomic science, which suggests that sitting while wiping is better for you. This reduces the strain on your anal area and makes it much easier to clean with a proper wiping motion.

Poop Still There After Wiping?

It makes sense to use water for cleanliness in any part of your body, because water is the most effective cleaning substance there is. Looking at a dry piece of paper and trying to scrub against it is not an effective cleanliness method.

The Greco-Romans knew this as they used a damp sponge affixed to a stick to clean their bottom. They almost had it right until they decided to reuse the same poop soaked sponges repeatedly. Barf. So, what is the best way to clean your butt after you poop?

Clean Your Butt with a Bidet

The bidet is hands-down the cleanest, healthiest and most hygienic way to clean your genitals. A low pressure stream that sends a gentle jet of water up one’s rectum thoroughly washes away any matter without irritating the user.

While bidets have taken a long time to gain traction in Western culture, with our bidet attachment, which can be found here, it has made it easier to get started. It is quick and easy to install and only costs $50. No other bidet costs so little and easily attaches without any problems

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