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Tools and Installation Process of a Bidet Seat

With the help of this simple bidet installation tutorial, you can install a bidet toilet in your restroom. The appropriate bidet toilet seat is the first step in the process. Round and elongated are the two types of toilet forms. The long shape of the toilet is slightly larger than the round shape. Most residences have elongated toilets; older structures and small bathrooms are more likely to have circular toilets.

The distance between the bolts and the distance between your toilet tank and the toilet seat bolts must be precisely measured. Order the appropriate bidet attachment shape for your toilet once you have the dimensions. Our toilet fit guide has more information. Your toilet bidet attachment will send all the components required for a typical installation. There might still be some water on the toilet seat. This article will show you how to install a bidet toilet seat in less than 30 minutes.

Turn off the water supply valve

Although it appears obvious, it is simple to forget. After shutting off the water supply, flush your toilet to remove any leftover water. Leaks are, after all, the last thing you want!

Remove your current toilet seat

Remove your current toilet seat so that the bidet seat can install in its place. It is necessary to remove the seat’s mounting bolts and nuts. For simple installation of your bidet toilet attachment, clean the seat mounting area. You’ll need Top Mount Hardware for a Top Mount Installation if you can’t get to the bolts from underneath your toilet.

Screw the Bidet Seat Mounting Plate in place

Place the black brackets that align with the bolt holes in your toilet over the mounting plate for the bidet. On this secured plate, the non-electric bidet toilet attachment will mount.

Installing your bidet toilet seat

The attachable bidet should click into place as you slide it onto the mounting plate. To more accurately align the bidet seat with your toilet, if necessary, move the mounting plate.

Set up the Water Supply

Instead of the water shutoff valve, unscrew the flexible water supply hose from your toilet’s fill valve. It might dribble a little. Attach the bidet toilet attachment t-valve to the toilet tank where the water supply hose was previously attached. Next, attach the water supply hose to the new t-valve’s bottom by screwing it on. Attach one end of the white bidet hose by screwing it to the T-valve’s side. To make sure that connections are safe, tighten them all.

A bidet toilet seat installation requires the following tools

  • A flathead or Philips screwdriver may need to remove some mounting bolts.
  • An adjustable wrench is necessary if your seat has metal connections rather than plastic fittings that may be hand-tightened.
  • Bucket and a towel when you disconnect the supply hose for your toilet, a small amount of clean water might leak out; in this case, a small bucket will do.
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